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Gavin Frisbee (CEO)

Coastal Hospitality (Powered by Gigtracks) 855-697-5422

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Gavin Frisbee (CEO)

Coastal Hospitality (Powered By Gigtracks) 855-697-5422
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Coastal Hospitality, a Baltimore area based company provides short and long term jobs to local-residents. Coastal Hospitality plans to sign up 500+ workers, over the coming year in each location, and sign up more than 300 customers while focusing mainly on Food Service and Hospitality jobs that would normally go unfilled. Founded in 2011, Coastal Hospitality now has locations in 12 major cities with plans of making it 25 by year end.

In this on-demand and freelance economy, a smartphone is the platform of choice for the millennials, who are more connected and in-tune with technology and online culture. Based on the UBER, Lyft and Via concept, Coastal Hospitality’s newest mobile technology Gigtracks is now available for download in the APP store, which pushes jobs like servers, bartenders, cooks, housekeepers and dishwashers directly to their smartphones in real-time. With the Gigtracks mobile app they can be approved to accept job invitations on the go.

Coastal Hospitality employees all file W2 forms and are vetted before employment begins. These jobs pay anywhere from $10.50 to $18.50 per hour based on the job description, experience and skill level. The app makes it easy for jobseekers to gain employment and the employers to gain skilled employees. The App is very intuitive and easy to use. From job details and location, to clocking in or out everything is at your fingertips.

The food service industry is starving for employees to service their hotels, restaurants, catering companies and hospitals. Coastal Hospitality is making a vital contribution to the economy by connecting skilled professionals with outstanding job and career opportunities that would normally go unfilled, by cutting away the middleman in the staffing industry and giving employers direct access to its staff through their interactive Mobile App which is going to be the norm in the future. According to Gavin Frisbee, CEO of Coastal Hospitality and Co-Founder of Gigtracks, “We plan on hiring 500 locals in each of our locations; Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Louisville, Linden, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Rock Hill, Silver Spring and Washington DC, within the next year”.

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